Hellenic Island Services



Hellenic Island Services is well known as one of the most innovative and successfull travel companies in Greece.
The experience in hosting incoming tourism is unmatched by any other agency in Greece, having served and assisted in recent years, more than 800.000 travellers annually.

A reliable and flexible business partner with:

The biggest Bed Bank in Greece
A wide range of excellent quality services to charter and internet operators

Hellenic's aim is to create events that inspire.

As Hellenic knows very well the potentials of the destinations to excite and engage, we create and deliver events in a way that is only possible with us.

We work very close with our clients to define their needs and targeted achievements and even closer with our suppliers creating relations that will last in the years to come.

Our clients feel they have taken part in something special which has given them new personal and professional stimulation.
We do not only focus on what people want to do, in their “work time” but also on their “me time”.

With us, guests will find themselves to be part of one of the most inspirational experiences –
we, at Hellenic, are here to create events that live up to this reputation.

Today professional success requires continuous and fertile contacts with customers, collaborators, private and public institutions all over the world.

Our corporate travel service will bring ease to any company, booking business trips.

For any professional organization it is essential to have a travel-consultant, with experienced human resources and high technological infrastructure fully devoted to its needs.

Our highly experienced advisors will look after you, will share with you their knowledge and travel experiences, making recommendations and suggestions, leaving you with piece of mind that you are in the hands of a professional.

Hellenic constitutes a real travel-consultant for your each trip. For this reason, it draws up the program that serves you better, locates the hotels that correspond to your requirements, seeks the prices which are in at your best interest, and suggests statistical elements which are essential to reduce expenses.

Willing and friendly we will place at your service not only our most excellent professionalism but also, above all, our genuine interest and care.

For Hellenic, each case becomes our personal affair!

Hellenic is specialized in creating unique tailor-made programs designed exclusively for your clients to suit their needs, budget and interests, whether they are groups or individuals .

Attention to detail and deep understanding ensure our and your success in this highly specialized field.

There are a lot of suggested programs, places which are a must to discover:
Hellenic will give you a lot of variations to the standards;
with Hellenic your clients will have the opportunity to explore and discover also unrevealed non touristic corners and “sense the rhythm” of the places.

For you that are discerning travelers and expect the highest level of luxury, service, and attention to detail from the minute you begin planning your trip, to the day you return home, Hellenic Tours offers private and highly personalized services customized according to your needs.

Each day is flexible and tailored to your personal interests, schedule, level of energy, and travel preferences.
We provide only the best of the best, and we know the ways to make your travel be a memorable one, a once in a life time experience.

You do not have to worry as we take care of every detail: your accommodation, airport transfers, flights, visas, tours and other logistics, well in advance. We provide you with continuous support, firsthand travel advice and expertise, available around the clock to ensure your comfort, safety, and enjoyment.