Thessaloniki City Tour

Thessoloniki was built by king Kassandros 315 before Christ at the place of the little antique city Thermi. The name Thessaloniki was given by the wife of Kassandros, the sister of Alexander the Great...............................................

Because of the important harbour Thessaloniki became shortly one of the most famous cities of Greece.

Under the Romans a big development has begun at 168 before Christ. Around 50 anno domini Apostle Paulus visited again the town and declared the Christianity.

At the end of the 3rd century anno domini emperor Galerius transformed Thessaloniki to one of the center of the east-latin empire.

The city was nerved by beautiful buildings and today still remains of the castle, of the triumphal arch (Kamara) and the mausoleum of Galerius (Rotonda) can be visited.

During Byzantium Thessaloniki was the second town in the empire and one of the most important economic centres. In 904 Thessaloniki was attacked and despoiled by the Saracen and in 1204 by the Normans. From 1204 till their liberation in 1222 Thessaloniki was the capital of the Latin Kingdom.

1430 Thessaloniki was taken over by the Turks und liberated in 1912 by the Greek army.

Today Thessaloniki is the second largest town of Greece (approx. 1.500.000 inhabitants).

The harbour and the international fair are anyhow responsible that Thessaloniki contributes significant to economy.

Come and visit the 2nd largest city in Greece, a chance to visit and explore the contrasting sights of the old citadel and the new!


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